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  About The School  


Arial photo of Debusk Elementary School taken sometime in 2001.
Arial photo of Debusk Elementary School taken sometime in 2001.

The original one-room community school building was built in 1901.  In 1914, after a full day of school, it burned and was rebuilt.  Later, the old school was replaced with a brick building that consolidated the former Fraziers, Links, Mt. Airy, and Walkers Elementary Schools.  The more modern building had six classrooms, a cafeteria, kitchen, office, and bathrooms.  In 1949, Madeline Harmon wrote the school's Alma Mater.  In 1959, three classrooms were added because of enrollment growth.  In 1962, a small gymnasium/cafeteria was built; and the kitchen was enlarged and modernized.  In 1972, another wing with four classrooms, two smaller rooms, additional bathrooms, and a library were constructed.  During the refurbishing of the gymnasium  in 1995, the workers discovered crumbling cinder block walls.  Shortly thereafter, the gym was condemned; and a new full-sized gymnasium, a cafeteria, and two offices were built to replace it. Outdoor facilities including an outdoor classroom and new play equipment were also added. Then in 1998/99, a ball field and  middle-school pod consisting of six classrooms were built.  In 2000, a portable classroom was added to house two kindergarten classes.  View an aerial photo of DeBusk Elementary School.

Today, DeBusk Elementary School serves approximately 390 students in grades K through 8. The faculty of 28 includes 17 classroom teachers, a physical education teacher, a Title I teacher,  2 Special Education teachers, a librarian, a technology coach, and 4 part-time teachers (art, music, speech, and guidance) whom we share with other schools. Four instructional assistants provide support for teachers.  Two secretaries, three student aides, three bus drivers, two custodians, and four cafeteria workers complete the staff.  The principal, Diann Musgrove, directs the entire educational and transportation program. 

Alma Mater by Madeline Harmon, Circa 1949

Near the purple mountains in the land we love
Stands a dear old building on a hill.
Where the flag waves proudly from its staff on high,
It's the dear old Alma Mater that we love.

Sing hurrah for Old DeBusk, the school that we attend.
May its banner always wave unfurled.
We will always cherish the fond memories of her.
She's the finest school in all the wide, wide world.

Historical Photographs

This original school was built in 1901

The DeBusk frame building below was erected in 1920.  At the time this picture was made, the principal was Glenn Renner, attendance 75, sanitation rating 70, stoves, pump at well, electricity, no lunch program, outdoor toilets.

Achievements during that year: Erected flagpole; purchased record player and filmstrip projector; conducted students tour to Greene County Court, Andrew Johnson Tailor Shop, and George Clem School: put on 4-H radio program; won 5th place in the county spelling contest. 

Gymnasium and Cafeteria Photos

The gymnasium and cafeteria were added in 1997-98 when crumbling block was discovered in the old combination gym and cafeteria. 


Photos of Outdoor Facilities

Fourth grade students, with the help of  parents and teachers, planted native Tennessee plants and created an outdoor classroom in 1997-98.  That summer, 12 Bradford Pear trees were planted, a new sign was erected, and the playground was improved.  Then, at the end of the 1998-99 school year, a new ball field was developed. 


Middle School Pod Photos

During the 1998-99 school year, our middle school pod was built; and we were able to move into the six new classrooms in March.  The parking lot was paved during the summer of 1999.. 




Portable Classroom

During the summer of 2000, a portable unit was added to house the two kindergarten classes, and a walkway was constructed to the main building.