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Technology Support Request
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Thursday, May 08, 2014

Click for Total Trac

If you need any kind of service or help involving technology equipment or software, you will make a request on the Internet. It's easy as 1, 2 . . . . 12. Please keep this in a place inaccessible to students.


· Gather information.


· Open Netscape Communicator (or any browser) at school or at home.


· Hit "Control" and "o" to open the Open Page, URL box.

            Click on this link  Total Trax .


· This will take you to the TotalTRAC Logon. (Put this on your toolbar or bookmark this site for future requests.) Fill in Username as DEBUSK and Password as Braves. Please note that the logon is case sensitive and must be entered in lower case letters. Then click LOG ON.


· This will take you to the Greene County School "Open Calls" page. In the blue are on the left side, click on Enter Service Call.


· This will take you to the "Service Call Entry" page. Type in the asset control number of the problem item. (This number is on the green tag attached to the front of the monitor, computer, printer, TV, VCR, hub, etc. If it is a software problem or assistance request, use the number 0030.) Click on Next.


· This will take you to another "Service Call Entry" page that brings up the number you entered plus some identifying information. If this is correct, scroll down until you come to three buttons: "Next, Back, Cancel." Click on Next.


· You should now be at a third "Service Call Entry" page. When you scroll down, you see "Asset Information." Keep scrolling until you see, "Problem Description." Type in a short two to five word description of the problem. Examples include NO SOUND, MOUSE WON'T WORK, KEYBOARD DOESN'T WORK, PRINTER PRINTS BAD COPY, PRINTER MAKING STRANGE NOISES, DISTORTED COLORS ON MONITOR, WEBPAGE WON'T UPLOAD, CAN'T GET EMAIL, PROBLEMS WITH MTG, PROBLEMS WITH ACCELERATED READER, NEED HELP WITH POWERPOINT, CAN'T SEE NETWORK, ETC.


· Now type in a detailed description of the problem including measures you have already taken to correct the problem. Also, type your name and room number.


· Scroll down to the checked notification box; click on the check to remove it then click on the Complete button.


· This will take you back to the "Open Calls" page. Click on Log Out, which is located in the blue area at the bottom left of the screen.

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