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Technology Happenings
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Thursday, May 08, 2014

Fall 2012

          Fifth Grade language arts teacher Angie Jones is using her document
 camera to mark-up and/or annotate text during her teacher modeling
sessions with her students.  The camera also helps her emphasize the
different phases for textual analysis strategies and evidence loaded
questions through 'take-me to the text" strategies.  The end goal is to
 improve reading comprehension.  PowerPoints are helping students
 make connections for visual learning.  Discovery Education videos
are being used to activate prior knowledge.  She believes modeling
is more effective when students can actually see her thinking on
 paper.  Flocabulary, a rap based auditory tool, is being using to
enhance the learning opportunities for vocabulary and exposure
to fluency building concepts.  Technology has helped address the
 various learning styles of the students.
          Middle School language arts teacher Mona Thomas has students
 blogging on the system's moodle site,
Topics include devotions, sport tips, video gaming tips,
 words of wisdom, and book reviews.  Middle school students are
 reseaching in the school's computer lab for their science fair projects. 
Others are researching for their history day projects with one
doing extensive research on the Revolutionary War's  "Battle
of King's Mountain."
     ActivInspire and Mimio wireless systems are being used throughout
the school.  ActivInspire enables teachers to lead the class via their interactive,
multi-media whiteboard, support group collaboration and teamwork
 in the classroom through Promethean awarding winning Learner Response
Systems, and create differentiated lessons filled with rich, powerful
activities to grab the attention of the whole class.
     The Mimio Wireless hardware allows for a regualr whiteboard to be
using as a smartboard.
Middle school teacher Debra Whitehead is setting up a vocabulary
center for her sixth grade students.  Various websites are being using including and
PowerPoints are being made in the lab to help students
 differentiate between many commonly confused words.

The website is being used extensively throughout
 the school for formative assessment mathematics sessions.  Immediate feedback
is given to the student as they progress through the regiment of common
core skills.  Reports are available to the teachers as they monitor student
results.  Differentiation in group activities is essential and easy with this tool.
The graphics on the sites are quite good as students practice real-life skills.

The new PCS lab is being used for science fair projects including
word processing for each component of the scientific method and graph making
where results warrant those visual representations.

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