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Accelerated Reader

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What is Accelerated Reader  

AR is an abbreviation for Accelerated Reader.  This is a wonderful computer program that has proven to be a positive tool in gaining literacy skills. 1st grade starts using the program after winter break. Students in my class are given at least 20 minutes a day to read.  This reading time is spent reading books from many locations.  Some are checked out from the school library.  Some are on loan from the classroom library.  Many even bring books in from home.  The goal is for students to have uninterrupted reading time and to have access to a computer so they may log in and take tests. If you would like to look up books you may have at home to see if there is an AR test available, you can go to the link titled AR Bookfinder.  You may also keep track of your child's progress by setting up an account on the link titled AR Parent Home Connect. Students may also use the AR Program link to log in and see what tests they have taken and their scores.