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Welcome to Debusk Elementary School Library. We help over 400 students discover and enjoy a book. Our goal in the library, is to create a reading enviroment where everyone succeeds in reading. We use the AR system in our library. Check out the bookfinder on this page, and discover a book to read. Also, if you are a parent sign up so that you know how well your student is doing on their reading and AR quizzes.

Online Catalog

Students can access Debusk Elementary's School library from anyone online source anywhere and anytime.
AR Information

AR is the reading program that we promote here at DeBusk Elementary. We encourage students to choose their own books, and take test on them. We believe by having choices students will succeed in reading. Every nine weeks, students are rewarded for reaching their goals.
AR Resources
AR Quiz
Students can take quizzes and look up reading scores.

AR Bookfinder

Students can use this website to look up books, quiz numbers, and other book information.