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Softball Information & Schedule

1. Baileyton 4. McDonald 7. Glenwood
2. Camp Creek 5. Mosheim Middle 8. Ottway
3. DeBusk 6. Nolachuckey 9. West Pines
  10. Chuckey Doak Middle School  
Season Games begin at 6:00.


May use DH in baseball EH in softball.


Time limit: 100 minutes; Do not start an inning after 90 minutes of play.


Call game if 20 run lead after 3rd inning, 15 run lead after 4th inning, or 10 run lead after 5th inning.


Softball catcher may use glove or mitt. Admission may be charged at $2.00 for adults and $1.00 for students during the season.


All other rules will be addressed by the NFHSA rule book.


Bat Size (Baseball)


Follow National Federation of State High School Associations (NFSHSA) rule: Weight-shall not weigh more than three ounces less than the length of the bat



Pre-tournament coaches’ meeting will be at Central Office on Wednesday, April 22nd, at 3:30 p.m. Brackets will be developed based upon games completed by April 21st.


The first two rounds will be satellite games being played at the higher seeds fields. The first round for softball will be played Thursday, April 23rd and the first round for baseball will be played Friday, April 24th. Make-ups for the first round will be Saturday April 25th. Second round games will be played for softball on Monday, April 27th and baseball on Tuesday, April 28th. Make-ups for the second round will be Thursday, Apri 30th. The first two rounds will be played like a regular season game. The home team will be responsible for paying the umpires and games will start at 6:00. The semi-finals and finals will be played at Mosheim Middle School on Friday, May 1st and Saturday, May 2nd. Make-ups for the semi-finals and finals will be on Monday, May 4th. Admission for all tournament games will be $5.00 for adults and $2.00 for students. Each team playing in the semi-finals will need to turn in a pass list that consists of 5 individuals. All players in the county will be admitted free with his/her uniform during the tournament. The host school is allowed to keep all positive revenue that is made.
Umpire Charges


2 umpires @ $55 for 2 games (baseball and softball)
1 umpire @ $75 for 2 games (baseball and softball)
Pitching Rule (Baseball)


TSSAA's Junior Division pitching rule will be followed: "A pitcher may pitch no more than twelve innings in any one calendar week (Sunday through Saturday) and no more than seven innings in any one day. After pitching four or more innings in any one game, the pitcher must have at least two days' rest before he or she can pitch again. (For example, if a pitcher pitches four or more innings any time on Monday, that pitcher would not be able to pitch again until Thursday, etc. If a pitcher pitches to any batter, the pitcher is charged with an inning.) If removed as a pitcher, the player may play any other position."